Workplace Services

Workplace Services

Service Desk

Is your organization experiencing frequent errors and missed priorities because service requests are not being handled properly? Eliminate the need for dedicated personnel to handle service requests and provide a centralized, self-service portal for common service requests. ARCHIBUS Service Desk is a Web-based application that provides simple, self-service processes for commonly requested services, including moves/adds/changes, room reservations, project management, among many other requests. Service Desk automates the service request cycle through Service Level Agreement (SLA) designations that authorize, prioritize, route, and complete requests. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction with ARCHIBUS Service Desk.

Streamline the Service Request Cycle

As a Web-based portal, ARCHIBUS Service Desk provides authorized users access to centralized services and guaranteed performance made possible by rule-based SLAs. A dynamic request screen provides the requestor with only those relevant entry forms or fields for a given request type. Based on who is requesting the service, the work location, and the type of service needed, Service Desk selects the appropriate routing and/or processing of the request.

Reduce Administrative Overhead and Costs

Enterprise-wide use of self-service Web forms greatly reduces the workload and resources required to staff a service desk function for scheduling, dispatching, and follow-up. In addition, deployment of ARCHIBUS Service Desk frees operational managers from daily administrative tasks allowing them more time to improve overall service delivery at a lower cost. The application’s automated workflow processes improves service provision while holding down costs.

Improve Measurement and Performance

Service Desk measures response and completion times and compares them to SLA requirements. This helps detect performance issues and gives justification to correctly assign the required resources.


  • Streamlines requests for all services through simple forms, intelligent workflows, and automated notification of status changes
  • Reduces administrative overhead and operating costs by enabling a self-service environment
  • Increases efficiency by enforcing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to control resource access and standards
  • Improves performance measurement/analysis and elevates customer satisfaction

Activities and Reports

  • Open Service Requests by Request Type and Status
  • Update/Close Service Requests/Orders
  • Cost of Service Requests
  • Cost vs. Budget of Service Requests
  • Service Provider Performance
  • Service Request Type Performance
  • Complete Control of Service Request Cycle
  • Archived Service Requests
  • Cost of Archived Service Requests
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Controls
  • Flexible Workl ows and Routing
  • Automated Escalations and Notii cations
  • Satisfaction Survey Results

Access summary reports to analyze historical service request costs and plan for future budget.