Workplace Services

Workplace Services

Fleet Management

Maintaining your organization’s fleet of mobile assets is crucial to the safety and efficiency of your operations. Optimize fleet performance by tracking every vehicle’s usage, availability, maintenance schedules and more with ARCHIBUS Fleet Management. Combining this information with other facilities and infrastructure management data also improves your ability to control costs and assign resources. Fleet Management can be personalized and added to an existing ARCHIBUS deployment or can be implemented separately as a stand-alone solution. It is configured, personalized, and deployed via a client server or Web-based platform based on client-specific needs.

Maximize Resources

Whether you manage a fleet of ten or of ten thousand, ARCHIBUS Fleet Management offers a cost-effective way to keep all vehicles running in top form. Track the performance of each unit to optimize equipment lifecycles and determine the true cost of ownership.

Proactive Preventive Maintenance

Extend the life of your fleet by utilizing preventive maintenance features and reports within the application. Replace parts before they fail, improving the overall availability of your mobile equipment. Improved vehicle and equipment uptime means higher asset utilization, so you can meet your transportation needs with fewer units. A well-documented maintenance and repair history will also provide greater resale value once assets are retired.

Control Costs and Downtime

Vehicle information can be easily integrated with other facilities and infrastructure management functions, providing a broad perspective from which to manage costs. Labor hours and materials costs can be fed from Fleet Management into other enterprise-wide financial and human resources applications. This global view helps you control costs, realistically assign resources, and improve accountability. The end result is added value without the extra effort.

Promote Greater Compliance

Because of its easy-to-use data entry process, even novice users can quickly master the application, enabling widespread compliance with fleet policies and procedures. Associates with minimal computer skills can generally be trained in a matter of hours, thanks to features that shorten the learning curve.


  • Optimizes fleet utilization and avoids unnecessary capital investment
  • Boosts fleet availability through improved preventive maintenance
  • Lowers operating costs by enabling implementation of experience-based maintenance programs
  • Promotes compliance with fleet policies and operating procedures

Activities and Reports

  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Manage Leased or Owned Vehicles
  • Assign to Employee or Department
  • Maintenance Task Library
  • Ad Hoc Tasks
  • PM Tasks and Schedules
  • Repair Orders
  • Combine Repair and PM tasks
  • Motor Pool (Dispatch) Scheduling
  • Request Vehicle
  • Prevent Scheduling Conflicts
  • Labor Management
  • Parts Management
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Calculate Labor, Parts and Other Costs
  • Reimbursable Billing
  • Automated email

Easily manage your maintenance schedules, vehicle availability, and service parts inventory with detailed reports.