Technology Extensions

Technology Extensions

Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD® & Revit®

The task of separately managing drawings and alphanumeric data is often an inefficient duplication of effort. Ensuring a facility or infrastructure drawing also contains information on associated assets and people is critical, particularly with the inevitable updates and changes that can occur on a daily basis. The ARCHIBUS Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD® & Revit® seamlessly integrates drawings and alphanumeric data with Autodesk’s AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Architecture, and Revit® Architecture environments. The result is a single, unified information environment for managing facilities and infrastructure that improves productivity and data accuracy, while leveraging your existing investment in Autodesk tools.

Speed the Creation of Working Drawings

Use the Overlay application to reduce the time and effort it takes to populate architectural drawings with facilities and infrastructure information. For example, create diagrammatic space bubble trial layouts representing your organization’s departments, groups, or rooms. Once a layout is accepted, use ARCHIBUS to transition the space bubbles into working drawings. You can instantly populate the drawings with walls, doors, and furniture. These documents can be easily maintained throughout a facility’s lifecycle.

Maintain Accurate Information

Updates to drawings in the Overlay application are instantaneous, eliminating the need to transfer AutoCAD or Revit information to your facilities and infrastructure database. A series of ARCHIBUS-specific pull-down menus, integrated directly into AutoCAD and Revit’s own menu bars, enables you to perform tasks all from within those applications. Such seamless integration enables you to both create and maintain facility-related drawings with ease.

Help Others Visualize

Help others within your organization visualize actual floor plan drawings and spot issues or inconsistencies. Enhance AutoCAD drawings with a wealth of specialized drafting tools within the Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD or Revit application to create more informative as-built and construction documents.

Utilize Building Information Modeling

With the growing importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the basis for cost-effective creation and modification of buildings throughout their lifecycle, ARCHIBUS Overlay for AutoCAD and Revit ties building information models directly to enterprise databases. The ARCHIBUS Overlay is compatible with Autodesk® Map, MapGuide®, DWF™, ARCHIBUS Viewer for AutoCAD®, Revit® Architecture, FMDesktop™ and AutoCAD Architecture.


  • Expands capabilities into Building Information Modeling (BIM) to improve lifecycle management
  • Increases accuracy of information through visualization and simultaneous updates to Autodesk applications and the ARCHIBUS database environment
  • Improves productivity by expediting the creation of working drawings with a suite of ARCHIBUS architectural drawing and design tools

Activities and Reports

  • Create Occupancy Plan
  • Highlight Rooms by Department
  • Populate Employees to Rooms
  • Highlight Restriction
  • Query Table
  • Query Text
  • Insert Furniture Standards
  • Insert Equipment
  • Create New Trial Drawing
  • Publish to DWF
  • Area Trace

Seamlessly integrate facilities data with industry-standard AutoCAD drawings.