Space Planning & Management

Space Planning & Management

Strategic Master Planning

Organizations typically are in a constant state of flux because of expansion, downsizing, merger, or acquisition activity. The ARCHIBUS Strategic Master Planning application helps organizations better align facilities and infrastructure development with organizational changes through sophisticated analysis of historical space data and other information. Now it’s easy to develop short-, medium-, or long-term facility and infrastructure plans —and cost estimates—while maximizing operational efficiencies. ARCHIBUS Strategic Master Planning allows you to easily evaluate and manage the inevitable change that all organizations face.

Proactively Manage Growth & Consolidation

Understanding costs and risks, and maintaining flexibility, helps your organization maximize opportunities. Access all the historical information you need to formulate your organization’s strategic planning goals. Departmental relationships or affinities, types of space required, square footage/square meter needs, duration of need, and more can all be captured and analyzed.

Forecast Future Space Needs

Detail future needs and their associated costs. Built-in methodologies and user-defined variables let you forecast with confidence. Forecast requirements on a business unit or departmental basis. See how dynamic variables affect budgets, schedules, and space availability when creating comprehensive master plans.

Allocate Space to Maximize Efficiency

Determine how space is best optimized in accordance with your business needs. Business needs usually dictate that certain departments must closely collaborate with one another to meet organizational objectives. Affinity mapping can help you graphically represent the natural relationships that exist between entire departments or groups of individuals within your organization.

Keep Costs Under Control

Control costs by tracking allocated space usage at the department level. Use historic trends to analyze how space has been used at your organization over time, a helpful reference when planning for the future. Manage the challenges of high churn rates—you can associate standard costs with each type of space, then quickly and easily generate move cost reports. Compare the costs of existing versus forecasted configurations to determine which is the most cost-effective alternative.

Leverage Data with Other ARCHIBUS Applications

Link Strategic Master Planning with other ARCHIBUS applications and leverage data to generate room inventories, space budgets, new room and group area layouts, and other trial layouts. With the Strategic Master Planning application, you can generate a space budget by summarizing your existing room inventory. In addition, you can use the layout feature in Strategic Master Planning to generate a new room area layout to replace your current room area layout.


  • Assists in developing facility and infrastructure plans of various time frames to best align with organizational needs
  • Avoids tying up valuable capital by accurately forecasting costs based on historic information
  • Maximizes operational efficiencies by mapping departmental affinities
  • Keeps costs under control by seamlessly transitioning strategic program information to space planners

Activities and Reports

  • Space Budget Items by Budget
  • Programmed Areas for Budget of Departmental Room Area
  • Costs for Budget of Space Standards by Department
  • Forecast Counts For Budget of Space Standards by Department
  • Create Department Level Forecast
  • Departments by Strongest Affinity
  • Space Budget Allocations by Floor
  • Allocation Stack Plan
  • Department Level Historical Space Use
  • Historical Trend Analysis
  • Create History from Inventory
  • Compare History to Inventory

Track departmental space usage over time to enhance planning strategies.