Space Planning & Management

Space Planning & Management

Space Inventory & Performance

Knowing how much space an entity has, and how efficiently it is being used, is essential for managing the organization’s Total Cost of Occupancy. To expedite self-service access to space inventory and usage reports for decision support, ARCHIBUS Space Inventory & Performance provides an integrated Web-based solution for viewing and managing an organization’s different types of space (such as departmental boundaries/rooms/common areas, vertical penetrations, service areas, and more) to ensure optimal space allocation. With this application, managers can plan for greater space efficiency by co-locating departments and identifying opportunities for consolidation.

Deliver Flexible Web-Based Space Reporting

Managers often need to generate detailed reports on space allocation and utilization. Similarly, they may also need to identify which space can be occupied. ARCHIBUS Space Inventory & Performance supports both goals, and every requirement in between. Self-service, Web-based space reporting lets organizations manage their space more efficiently and make more informed space-related planning decisions. This capability helps realize significant operating savings or avoid unnecessary capital expenditures.

Improve Building Efficiency Performance

Efficiency rates can be important factors when space or real estate managers analyze space to lease or buildings to purchase, as well as for evaluating and comparing the performance of space already occupied. ARCHIBUS Space Inventory & Performance provides all the tools you need to analyze and report on how efficiently your space is being used and determine what changes are needed to improve space utilization.

Enhance Space Planning / Design Capabilities

Having an accurate, defensible space inventory and the ability to produce reports will aid in critical space management decisions such as consolidations, moves, and acquisitions. ARCHIBUS Space Inventory & Performance provides the central, easily accessed data repository that helps space and department managers visualize their space inventories and coordinate their efforts in devising a roadmap for future space acquisition, disposition, and allocation.

Integrate with Other Space Applications

While ARCHIBUS Space Inventory & Performance can be deployed on a standalone basis, it can also be integrated with other ARCHIBUS applications to perform a wide variety of workplace service functions.


  • Delivers flexible self-service, reporting for effective space allocation and cost control
  • Improves evaluation of building performance and enables accurate benchmarking
  • Enhances design/planning capabilities to use space more efficiently

Activities and Reports

  • View Building Performance Report
  • View Rooms by Building and Floor; Division and Department; Floor and Department; Room Standard
  • Highlight Rooms by Department, Room Standard, Room Category and Type
  • View Groups by Building, Floor, Department
  • Highlight Groups by Department, Group Standard
  • View Departments by Building, Floor, Departments per Floor
  • View Remaining Area
  • Show Departmental Stack Plan
  • Show Departmental Analysis Chart

Space Inventory & Performance enables analysis of floors by departmental use and helps to identify reallocation and co-location opportunities.