Space Planning & Management

Space Planning & Management

Personnel & Occupancy

Immediate access to accurate personnel and occupancy information can often be a challenge to organizations, especially to those who experience high churn rates or are in the process of expanding or consolidating operations. ARCHIBUS Personnel & Occupancy provides managers with a Web-based means to retrieve the information they need from a central repository and link employee information with related space inventories, drawings, planning strategies, and more. The result is improved reporting on employee headcounts and locations, average room areas, room availability, space benchmarking, occupancy rates, and other vital knowledge needed to effectively manage an organization’s total cost of occupancy.

Report Accurately on Occupancy Measures

Self-service access to space data is increasingly an imperative in serving multiple departmental needs. Having a shared, centralized space inventory database helps managers find space for new hires and contractors while supplying benchmarks for the Human Resources function to assign appropriate space by job title. ARCHIBUS Personnel & Occupancy provides an integrated Web-based solution for streamlined access to employee location and occupancy information, as well as to data that support report generation, space planning, move management, forecasting, and more.

Increase Forecasting Accuracy

ARCHIBUS Personnel & Occupancy not only provides a real-time view of existing personnel and space allocation information, it also is an important planning tool for organizations whose headcount and space needs change, sometimes dramatically, over time. Whether you are a space manager, department manager, or business process owner, this application provides the planning tools needed to stay ahead of the space planning curve.

Simplify Employee Space Assignment

The ability to highlight drawings in ARCHIBUS Personnel & Occupancy lets managers more quickly and efficiently assign employees or contractors to available temporary or permanent space. Improved visualization of spatial relationships aids in re-balancing projects and improves the possibilities of identifying ways to co-locate work teams.

Personalize Out-of-the-Box Reports

ARCHIBUS Personnel & Occupancy has easy-to-use Web-based features and interactive forms, allowing users to personalize existing out-of-the-box reports to meet an organization’s specific needs. The application also makes full use of Flash drawings to visualize a portfolio and interact with representations of buildings. The shift from DWF-based drawings to Adobe Flash means dramatically faster rendering of dashboards, charts, and even floor plans, while also giving users a graphical, intuitive interface that does not require additional, specialized software.


  • Provides immediate, accurate reporting of occupancy statistics for space usage and re-balancing purposes
  • Improves forecasting accuracy for future needs based on current room availability and planned occupancy growth
  • Simplifies assignment of employees to temporary or permanent available space using highlighted drawings
  • Communicates occupancy information easily through personalized, intuitive Web-based forms, summary tables, and reports

Activities and Reports

  • View Employees by: Location, Division and Department, Standard
  • View Employee Average Area by: Category and Type, Room Standard
  • View Employee Departmental Analysis by: Building, Floor, Location
  • Locate Employee
  • View Occupiable Vacant Rooms
  • Highlight Occupiable Vacant Rooms
  • View Available Rooms
  • Assign Employees to Available Rooms
  • View Occupancy Plan

Personnel & Occupancy highlights rooms by availability so planners can reallocate space by showing where capacity is over- or underutilized.