Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

A centralized repository of accurate, easily accessible information is the foundation for strategically managing a real estate portfolio. Web-based ARCHIBUS Portfolio Management helps streamline data collection and analysis by accurately aggregating individual portfolio items to create a consolidated portfolio view. The application tracks current and projected holdings, leased versus owned space, building cost performance data, and more, to enable insightful planning and execution. Drill-down capabilities, graphical and geographic dashboards, KPI charting, and personalized views also help users visualize and analyze data to make fact-based decisions on the portfolio’s ability to fulfill the organizational mission.

Improve Real Estate Stewardship

Web-based ARCHIBUS Portfolio Management enables the centralized collection, analysis, and sharing of real estate portfolio information. The creation of a common operating framework of land, structures, buildings, and leases makes possible more collaborative, better informed decision-making. Optional GIS functionality delivers map-based perspectives of properties for improved visualization and analysis. The result is an organization that is finally in complete command of accurate property and performance information.

Facilitate Better Decision-Making

Portfolio Management offers a rich set of graphical tools to view the real estate portfolio in its entirety, or by specific criteria, giving managers a comprehensive view of property details to effectively communicate challenges and opportunities to C-level management. In addition to dedicated dashboards for each category of property, the application supports interactive KPI charting for aggregated portfolio information, as well as easily personalized views which present a filtered geographic list of portfolio items.

Enhance Root Cause Analysis

Portfolio managers who want to identify opportunities and proactively avoid problems can do so with ARCHIBUS Portfolio Management. For example, when an unanticipated increase or decrease in available space occurs, users can quickly drill down to the portfolio single-item level to find the root cause. This ability to stay on top of day-to-day operations, spot trends, and analyze spending in near real-time enables responsive management. The application enables users to address current problems while anticipating future needs.

Reduce Data Entry Time and Errors

Portfolio Management reduces administrative costs by streamlining portfolio data entry with a Data Entry Wizard to improve speed and accuracy. The Wizard supports an easy step-by-step data entry process that enhances the ability to maintain an accurate data repository so that portfolio information always remains current and actionable, supporting the strategic decision-making process.


  • Improves asset stewardship through comprehensive tracking and analysis of portfolio holdings
  • Provides multiple perspectives on portfolio performance to enable rapid, fact-based decisions
  • Enhances root cause analysis to sustain appropriate service levels
  • Reduces administrative costs through quick and intuitive data entry

Activities and Reports

  • Management by Portfolio Type: Building, Structure, Land
  • Building/Land Area by Facility Type/Time Period
  • Buildings/Land Area by Time Period & Location
  • Buildings/Land Area Availability by Location & Time Period
  • Building, Structure, Land, & Overall Portfolio Dashboards
  • Data Grouping by Geography, Area Usage, Area Availability
  • Timeline Analyses
  • KPI Charting & Benchmarking
  • Drill Down Capabilities
  • Geographical Tool to Link to GIS Capability

The Portfolio Manager offers multi-view capabilities for switching between Land, Structures and Buildings portfolio analyses, incorporates graphical and GIS information, and delivers consolidated capital transaction data using the view.