Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Portfolio Forecasting

Accurately predicting space needs and occupancy costs is an ongoing challenge in dynamic organizations where churn, organic growth, mergers/acquisitions, and other factors create both uncertainty and opportunity. Web-based ARCHIBUS Portfolio Forecasting is an interactive forms-based solution that supports insightful space forecasting using alternative scenarios. It also allocates organizational groups to appropriate locations and links estimated occupancy costs to the groups incurring them. Portfolio Forecasting’s analytics and “what-if” capabilities let users review historical space/cost allocations and project future scenarios based on user-defined time periods.

Deliver Informed Space/Master Planning

Identifying and disposing of underutilized space is one of the most effective and significant ways to reduce occupancy costs. Similarly, correctly estimating when more space will be needed is critical to enhance operational efficiency and quality of work-life. ARCHIBUS Portfolio Forecasting provides a single, comprehensive way of tracking and analyzing historical and current space usage in order to make informed future space planning strategies. Centralized data and advanced visualization and planning tools aid in accurately predicting the impact of future organizational growth, or contraction, on the existing space portfolio. With Portfolio Forecasting, managers can finally realize greater precision in estimating space needs, and optimizing the use of owned or leased facilities.

Provide Consistent Multi-Year Forecasts

Portfolio Forecasting lets managers use historical and current information to accurately project facility costs based on estimated departmental and group needs. Users can easily develop cost forecasts and distribute costs more equitably through precise understanding of space/group relationships.

Reduce Administrative Costs

Forecasting portfolio space needs and costs is only part of the goal for real estate and facilities managers. Another necessary ingredient in creating more cost-efficient operations is controlling the often underestimated administrative overhead. Portfolio Forecasting addresses that concern by automating and streamlining forecasting and allocation tasks with an intuitive toolset that delivers results in a fraction of the time normally required to execute these pursuits.

Forecast and Allocate Annual Costs

With the application’s Cost Forecasting tools, users can allocate building costs to the departments/cost centers that are projected to occupy the future spaces indicated in the portfolio forecast. The Portfolio Forecasting application can then calculate the annual building cost and distribute it proportionately to all departments/cost centers in the building.


  • Delivers structured information and decision support for space/master planning
  • Provides consistent multi-year space/cost forecasts without having to use a CAD tool
  • Reduces administrative costs through rapid projection and allocation capabilities
  • Projects annual costs to departments/cost centers based on space allocation forecasts

Activities and Reports

  • Baseline Portfolio Scenarios and Alternative Scenarios
  • Stack Chart
  • Space Gap Analysis
  • Headcount Projection Chart
  • Portfolio Forecast Department Analysis
  • Cost Forecast Department Analysis

Improve visualization of space allocation forecasts with drag-and-drop stack diagrams for group moves between floors.