Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Lease Administration

Organizations with extensive lease portfolios are faced with the daunting task of tracking numerous leases with varying expiration dates and equally variable terms of tenancy. Relying on manual processes to track and manage these leases can result in errors based on inaccessible or inaccurate information, missed renewal dates, internal customer frustration, and possible monetary penalties. Web-based ARCHIBUS Lease Administration provides a centralized repository, flexible dashboards, automated alerts, and more. Deploying the application will help streamline data entry, automate lease information-gathering and management, and improve analytic capabilities, all while providing a high service level at reduced cost.

Automated Lease Tracking and Management

As the number of leases within a portfolio grows, managing the details of each represents an administrative challenge that cannot be overcome with conventional manual processes. An independent consulting group reports that organizations without optimized lease administration processes are missing between 2-5% of critical due dates related to their leases. The automated alert capabilities of ARCHIBUS Lease Administration provide reminders of upcoming lease and option due dates. Lease renewals are then executed — or assigned to other parties — in a timely fashion to maintain optimal occupancy rates and accountability for expenses.

Improved Data Access for Better Decisions

In addition to delivering a central repository for all lease information, ARCHIBUS Lease Administration simplifies access to the lease data and related financial information. Users can easily navigate through a list of leases in the selection tree view and filter or search the list for the required lease details and associated costs, options, amendments, and more. Optional GIS functionality delivers map-based perspectives of leases for improved visualization and analysis.

Accurate Charges and More Accountability

Leases can often be long, complex, i led-and-forgotten documents delineating responsibilities of tenants and/or building owners. When certain services are expected, one or both parties may not immediately recall who was tasked with arranging and paying for such services as snow removal, cleaning, basic repairs, and more. ARCHIBUS Lease Administration helps eliminate confusion and unnecessary charges by making lease abstracts, as well as all lease details and responsibilities, immediately accessible online so that services are delivered and paid by the obligated party.

Reduce Data Entry Burden

ARCHIBUS Lease Administration addresses data entry accuracy, data timeliness, and other challenges with an intuitive Add/Edit Wizard to improve efficiency and data integrity. The Wizard supports an easy step-by-step, data entry process that helps ensure correct data at all times so lease information always remains current, reliable, and actionable.


  • Automates processes for lease tracking and management
  • Improves access of lease information to facilitate easy analysis and reporting
  • Streamlines tracking of landlord and tenant responsibilities to avoid unnecessary charges
  • Minimizes errors and speeds data entry through intuitive prompts, reducing administrative costs

Activities and Reports

  • Reporting and Analysis by Buildings, Structures and Land Portfolio Types
  • Recurring Costs by Month, Lease, or Item
  • Lease Net Income by Month
  • Lease Commitment Costs by Year
  • Lease Base Rent Expenses by Year
  • All Leases by End Date
  • All Options by Expiration
  • Lease, Building, Structure, & Land Details
  • Personalized Alerts Mechanism
  • Responsibilities Tracking
  • Lease Amendments Tracking
  • Recurring Costs Analysis
  • Geographical Tool to Link to GIS

Proactively track leases and options through alerts, drill through a personalized hierarchy to find the lease you need to manage, and review lease specifics through tabbed views and geospatial queries.