Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Cost Administration

Accurately tracking and managing an organization’s occupancy costs is a competitive advantage…and an organizational challenge, without a centralized repository and the right analytical tools. ARCHIBUS Cost Administration provides proactive real estate managers and lease administrators with a Web-based solution that centralizes and streamlines the definition, allocation, and approval of portfolio occupancy costs. It can reduce administrative overhead and improve decision making. The application also features an intuitive Wizard that tracks lifecycle costs at the invoice- or summary-level until final cost allocations are issued, as well as sophisticated filtering for multidimensional cost analysis, and more.

Improve Occupancy Cost Management

Real estate and related occupancy costs are typically an organization’s second largest expense after personnel costs. Rapid access to cost analysis and cost projection data is therefore essential for effective management of a portfolio’s Total Cost of Occupancy. The Cost Administration application provides all the tools real estate managers and lease administrators need to gather and analyze cost data and turn it into useful information that is actionable for comprehensive cost control.

Align Occupancy Costs with Mission

Cost Administration provides the visibility to help align the occupancy cost structure in support of an organization’s mission through advanced tracking of property, lease, or building costs and profitability. In addition to increasing cost transparency through Web-based information access and sharing, ARCHIBUS Cost Administration can help improve real estate service levels by maintaining accurate, defensible cost information and supporting portfolio optimization initiatives through integration with other ARCHIBUS real estate and space-related applications.

Decrease Cost and Frequency of Errors

Manual processes can impose both an efficiency and financial penalty on an organization’s performance. To ensure that cost information is easily entered, retrieved, analyzed, and monitored, the Cost Administration application streamlines and automates portfolio cost administration and payment processes. The application lets managers follow every cost through its lifecycle as well as meet all payment obligations in a timely manner.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

ARCHIBUS Cost Administration’s labor-saving features help reduce the resources needed to create a consolidated view of the organization’s portfolio costs. Users can, for example, with one click generate cash flow reports of past portfolio performance and future projections. Those reports can summarize costs according to categories for leases, buildings, properties, or accounts. They also support user-defined groupings and restrictions. Cost Administration offers these and many other features to help users execute occupancy cost containment strategies.


  • Improves portfolio occupancy cost management and decision-making with advanced cost analysis / projection capabilities
  • Provides visibility to help align occupancy cost structure with organizational mission
  • Decreases frequency and expense of errors with streamlined processes that track all portfolio lifecycle costs
  • Reduces administrative overhead by eliminating manual processes

Activities and Reports

  • Cash Flow Report
  • Costs Report
  • View Recurring Costs by Lease/Building/Property/Account
  • View Scheduled Costs by Lease/Building/Property/Account
  • View Actual Costs by Lease/Building/Property/Account
  • View Base Rent Costs by Lease
  • View Rent Expenses by Lease
  • View Rent Income by Lease

Increase budgeting accuracy with cash flow reports that generate cost projections for leases, buildings, properties, and accounts.