Environmental & Risk Management

Environmental & Risk Management

Material Safety Data Sheets

Organizations have a responsibility to safely handle toxic products, verify compliance with various regulations, and inform first responders where those hazardous materials are stored and what they may encounter during an emergency. Yet maintaining this information in binders or file drawers can be expensive to manage, difficult to update, and a challenge to access – especially during a crisis. The Web-based ARCHIBUS Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) application provides instant updates and access to MSDS information from anywhere, stores lists of chemical products used in workplaces, and catalogs their MSDSs. It also integrates materials inventories, space and occupancy data, equipment inventories, and organizational information with site- and floor-plan graphics, providing the most complete information to execute a plan of action to avert a crisis.

Minimize Risk of Serious Injury

The presence of hazardous materials in a facility presents organizations with multiple threats of accidents, personal injury, lost productivity, regulatory non-compliance, and associated legal and financial risks. ARCHIBUS MSDS minimizes such risks by centralizing data on the nature and location of hazardous materials, as well as indicating the best way to respond to spill and/or combustion incidents and injuries.

Reduce MSDS Administrative Costs

Large organizations with extensive chemical inventories in multiple locations face a challenge in keeping track of those materials in a cost-effective manner. Manual accounting processes to track chemical stocks and other information, particularly in widely dispersed locations, only increase the risk of losing important safety information and falling short of regulatory mandates. ARCHIBUS MSDS streamlines materials management processes and improves related information access for greater safety and improved cost efficiency.

Document Chemical Safety and Inventories

ARCHIBUS MSDS ensures completeness of an organization’s MSDS library that not only decreases the consequences of accidents, but also minimizes the likelihood of regulatory violations and monetary penalties associated with inadequate compliance. Errors and omissions in compliance can be costly. For example, non-compliance in the United States may result in fines of up to $70,000 or more, depending on whether it is a willful violation. Because all chemical, training, location and other information can be uploaded, centralized, and instantly accessed via the Web, organizations gain a real-time picture of their chemicals profile for training, mitigation, and reporting processes.

Empower First Responders

It is essential to give associates who handle potentially dangerous materials the appropriate training in how to manage them. Yet first responders also need that information with equal, if not greater, urgency in order to take effective action once accidents do occur. Because they do not have an insider’s day-to-day familiarity with chemical inventories and locations, ARCHIBUS MSDS provides fire, police, and medical professionals with instant and reliable access to critical chemical safety information during an emergency.


  • Minimizes risk of serious injury to building occupants and first responders in the event of an accident
  • Reduces the administrative cost and effort in maintaining an up-to-date MSDS library
  • Satisfies chemical safety and inventory documentation reporting obligations efficiently
  • Enables first responders to quickly and reliably retrieve critical chemical safety information during an Emergency

Activities and Reports

  • MSDS Locations List
  • MSDS Chemical Inventory
  • MSDS Constituents by Product
  • Browse MSDSs by Provider
  • MSDS Constituent Locations
  • MSDS Locations Highlight
  • MSDS Geographic Drill-Down
  • Retrieve Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Print MSDSs

ARCHIBUS MSDS lets users identify the type and location of hazards on floor plans for fast and effective response to events involving toxic materials, helping to ensure occupant safety and business continuity.