Environmental & Risk Management

Environmental & Risk Management

Green Building

Managers are increasingly being tasked with achieving carbon footprint goals and managing environmental sustainability certification scores for individual buildings or across their entire portfolio. ARCHIBUS Green Building aids those managers by delivering a highly versatile and robust Web-based platform to provide the information framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and managing the environmental sustainability certification and recertification process. The application helps guide users through the processes of defining environmental criteria and protocols, collecting portfolio data, and evaluating results to help make informed and cost-effective decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

Reduce Overall Carbon Footprint

ARCHIBUS Green Building allows users to define any number of carbon footprint scenarios, associate buildings with those scenarios, and configure combinations of carbon footprint emissions factors for each, over one or more years. Users can then proceed through a series of forms for entering or mapping carbon footprint sources like fuel and energy consumption for heat and electricity, hours flown, miles driven, electricity purchased, materials procured, and waste recycled.

Facilitate Compliance Goals

Whether driven by internal or external regulatory mandates, tax or other financial incentives, or a desire to improve environmental stewardship, becoming “green” has become a high priority for many organizations. ARCHIBUS Green Building facilitates compliance with internal or external reporting requirements, defined by major standards-setting organizations, to qualify for carbon credits, reduced carbon tax, and/or to submit defensible data on progress toward meeting environmental sustainability goals.

Compare Greenhouse Gas Emissions Easily

ARCHIBUS Green Building exceeds the capabilities of readily available spreadsheet-based carbon footprint calculators. It provides data and calculation scalability, and aggregates information from all sources into a dynamic database, not just a flat spreadsheet file. As a result, information remains organized, secure, easy to retrieve, and accessible for analysis.

Track Progress, Identify Best Practices

Centralized and consolidated information, combined with flexible scoring and powerful analytic tools, enable ARCHIBUS Green Building users to identify, validate, and propagate best practices to achieve environmental objectives. After implementing Green Building, users can evaluate building benchmarks against other new and existing buildings in a portfolio, as well as create and compare multiple scenarios for each building.


  • Delivers an information framework to help reduce overall carbon footprint
  • Facilitates compliance with internal or external reporting requirements
  • Streamlines the computation and comparison of greenhouse gas emissions for all buildings in a portfolio and tracks changes over time
  • Tracks progress, evaluates payback, and identifies best practices to simplify sustainability certification and requalification initiatives

Activities and Reports

    Carbon Footprint

  • Summarize Greenhouse Gas Emissions Totals
  • Carbon Footprint Summary and Chart
  • Carbon Footprints by:
  • Source Category and Detail
  • Sites and Buildings
  • Total by Year
  • Comparison by Year
  • Certification & Scoring

  • Building Score and Dashboard
  • Rating Project Notes and Documents
  • Certification Standards, Levels, Credit Categories, and Credits
  • Scores by Rating Project and Category
  • Building Summary by Standard
  • Certifications by Year and Status Summary
  • Rating Project Payback Period and Comparison

Compare emissions by building, scope, and year at a glance and drill down to emission scope detail to identify key drivers and areas for improvement.