Environmental & Risk Management

Environmental & Risk Management

Environmental Health & Safety

Managing a comprehensive, defensible health and safety program to protect both individuals from hazards and the overall organization from liability can be overwhelming. The ARCHIBUS Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) application enables managers to quickly associate incidents with locations, equipment, and personnel and easily link employee training records and/or medical monitoring to these same incidents. As part of a comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety management program, this application is a critical tool to help document evidence of compliance for internal standards or external regulatory requirements. This documentation can greatly minimize both compliance costs, as well as monetary fines to the organization.

Identify and Correct Workplace Risks Proactively

Designed for facility and safety managers, ARCHIBUS Environmental Health & Safety enables the processes, and provides the precise documentation required, to minimize health and safety risks to employees and limit the liability to the organization based on errors, omissions, and accidents. Web-based ARCHIBUS EH&S delivers a flexible, dynamic, and highly systematic process to integrate and organize critical health and safety information with physical locations and employee / occupant data to help provide a comprehensive view of safety issues.

Reduce Compliance, Medical, and Productivity Costs

In the United States, a single unintentional safety violation can easily bring a fine of $7,000 or more, even when no one is injured. More seriously, a falsified report to a Federal agency such as the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) may result in a fine of $10,000 and/or six months in prison. As part of a comprehensive safety management program, ARCHIBUS EH&S is a critical tool to help document evidence of compliance for internal standards or external regulatory requirements. The resulting complete and accurate information can greatly minimize regulatory fines, personal injury awards, and lost productivity due to operational disruptions.

Manage Health / Safety Incidents

In addition to providing defensible evidence of compliance with regulatory mandates, ARCHIBUS EH&S also helps prioritize actions before, and follow-up after, health and safety incidents. This task is made easy with the application’s comprehensive health and safety database, as well as the incorporation of graphical features that make using the tool highly intuitive and informative.

Lower the Costs of Administration

Managing a comprehensive, defensible health and safety program without the right tools can be a complex and costly undertaking from an administrative perspective. Attempting to manage EH&S schedules with spreadsheets and/or agenda applications like Microsoft Outlook® or IBM Lotus Notes® may be acceptable for a limited number of associates, but these tools can quickly reach their limitations. ARCHIBUS EH&S helps managers not only efficiently manage multiple schedules and deadlines for many associates but also scales cost-effectively to help manage programs spanning multiple business units and/or geographical locations.


  • Provides a proactive process to identify, evaluate, and correct health and safety risks in the workplace
  • Enables the reduction of medical claims, disability compensation, and loss of productivity because of workplace-related injury or illness
  • Delivers efficient tracking and follow-up of health and safety incidents to minimize risk and liability to the organization
  • Reduces the overall cost of administering a comprehensive, defensible health and safety program

Activities and Reports

  • Training, PPE Types, and Medical Monitoring by Work Category
  • Employee PPE Types
  • PPE Types Renewal
  • Personnel by Training Program
  • Employee Training Detail
  • Training Program Detail
  • Pending Training
  • Recent Incidents
  • Incident Report and Map
  • Incident Details
  • Work Restrictions by Category
  • Employee Work Restrictions
  • Work Restrictions by Employee Standard
  • Work Restrictions by Location
  • Employee Medical Monitoring
  • Pending Medical Monitoring

ARCHIBUS Environmental Health & Safety provides a structured repository for all relevant data and can display maps or floor plans showing incident locations, with drill-down to view detailed information.