Capital Project Management

Capital Project Management

Condition Assessment

Could you justify increased deferred maintenance and capital renewal spending based on static, and possibly outdated information? Web-based ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment provides an objective, dynamic process for evaluating physical assets to help substantiate corrective action, based on risk mitigation and operational priorities. Using Condition Assessment’s accurate, timely repository can help increase asset service life, minimize costly downtime, reduce administrative expense, and streamline capital planning and budgeting processes. Successful deployment could deliver improved Facility Condition Indices at a lower total cost of occupancy.

Mitigate Risk and Prioritize Actions

ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment provides an objective, systematic framework for prioritizing work on your buildings, systems, and equipment. Each asset is assigned a numerical rating to determine the level of risk it poses to the organization’s overall mission. When presented in the Condition Assessment Scoreboard, these values help you quickly determine how an asset rates in areas such as life safety, regulatory compliance, operational support, or in other user-defined categories. This scoreboard enables you to objectively identify situations that require the most immediate corrective action.

Identify Deficiencies and Extend Service Life

Condition Assessment provides a dynamic, central repository of condition information that cost-effectively documents the nature and extent of a problem, as well as the options for corrective action. Using devices running Windows Mobile, you can synchronize condition descriptions, add digital images, and include the recommended action, such as clean, adjust, remove, repair, or replace. Submit a work request using the integrated ARCHIBUS On Demand Work or other existing CMMS applications.

Justify Budgets and Spending

With Condition Assessment, you can demonstrate how costs are associated with corrective measures, which in turn are tied to an asset’s strategic role in your organization. Associate potential capital and expense spending with the identified deficiencies, which may include life and fire-safety code violations, non-compliance with handicapped access guidelines, environmental issues, and more. Regardless of the asset, you can use ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment to track its condition, plan for corrective action, and prepare budget scenarios to obtain necessary funding.

Reduce Administrative Cost

ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment helps minimize administrative costs in creating a closed loop system to identify physical asset deficiencies and execute corrective action. The application reuses space, equipment and systems information that may already be maintained in the centralized ARCHIBUS repository. Add details on asset condition, over time, via Web forms or mobile devices. Generate pre-formatted assessment reports at a global or individual asset level to help determine total cost of ownership and guide optimized preventive maintenance strategies.


  • Mitigates risk by prioritizing problems for correction, based on objective measures and organizational needs
  • Enables proactive identification of deficiencies to extend asset service life
  • Demonstrates how costs are associated with corrective measures to justify budgets
  • Reduces administrative cost by establishing a closed loop assessment and resolution process

Activities and Reports

Deficiencies by:

  • Recommended Action
  • Total Estimated Cost to Correct
  • Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Element


  • Management Report by Condition
  • Management Site Report By Building
  • Corporate Project View
  • Regional Project View
  • Site Project View
  • Group Assessment Project View

Collect condition assessment data in the field, identify high-priority items at a glance, and drill down for detailed reports.