Building Operations

Building Operations

Preventive Maintenance

Ensuring that critical assets are in optimal condition requires effective maintenance processes to efficiently allocate resources, enforce procedures/schedules, and manage performance. Web-based ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance (PM) enables users to proactively maintain assets, efficiently balance schedules, optimize resources, and track key metrics. Simplify and improve PM processes with ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance to minimize costly repairs, reduce operational downtime, extend asset service lifecycles, and improve planning.

Streamline and Automate the PM Process

ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance provides an integrated Web-based solution for automating and proactively managing preventive maintenance tasks. Organizations miss fewer critical tasks and commit fewer errors by using centralized scheduling, automated work request/work order generation, balanced resource allocation, and other best practices for maintaining physical assets of all types, including vehicles.

Minimize Equipment Downtime and Repairs

The true cost of asset downtime is often a multiple of the immediate labor cost needed to fix it – sometimes as much as ten times the estimates used in cost justification reports. That true cost includes the loss of productivity from equipment inefficiency or failure on downstream stakeholders and its effect on customer service. ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance helps ensure equipment, personnel, and operations run at peak efficiency, while reducing the risk of injury or regulatory fines.

Extend Lifecycles, Reduce Capital Outlays

An effectively managed PM program can potentially extend the service life of assets beyond published parameters. As replacement costs continue to increase, it is imperative to establish proactive PM processes made possible by ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance. Longer equipment lifecycles allow organizations to postpone or defer capital outlays, relieving budgetary pressure.

Improve Performance and Planning

ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance provides the ability to capture and analyze performance metrics to improve operations. An aggregation of all maintenance data in a central repository, combined with the ability to view and evaluate all processes/costs/outcomes, adds a sophisticated prescriptive capability to the solution. This combination of the actionable and the analytical within ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance can help transform an organization’s stewardship of its assets.

Implement a Complete Web-based EAM Solution

While it can be implemented as a standalone application, ARCHIBUS Preventive Maintenance supplements other ARCHIBUS Web-based applications to deliver a comprehensive, fully integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution. Its intuitive forms tie directly into the centralized ARCHIBUS repository to allow re-use of existing data, which avoids time-consuming re-keying or porting of data between systems.


  • Streamlines and automates the PM process to improve operational efficiency
  • Minimizes operational equipment downtime and costly repairs
  • Extends useful service life of physical assets resulting in reduced capital outlays
  • Improves planning by capturing metrics on costs, resource usage, service provider workload/performance, equipment maintenance history, and more
  • Delivers cost-efficient, closed loop Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) as part of the integrated, Web-based ARCHIBUS product suite

Activities and Reports

  • Procedures by Primary Trade
  • PM Work Requests and Work Orders
  • Overdue PM Work
  • PM Work Forecast
  • PM Resource Requirements Forecast
  • 52-Week PM Work Schedule
  • Equipment Maintenance History
  • Equipment Failure Analysis
  • Equipment Replacement Analysis
  • Trades/Service Provider Analysis

Preventive Maintenance’s proactive processes keep equipment running at peak efficiency by documenting maintenance history for performance analysis and detection of patterns that may require remediation.