Workplace Services

Workplace Services


How well an organization manages the time of its most valuable and costly resource – its people – is the measure of a truly effective and collaborative environment. Eliminate embarrassing double-bookings, rooms too large or small for a meeting’s purpose, and misallocation of resources with Web-based ARCHIBUS Reservations. The ARCHIBUS Reservations application provides an intuitive, integrated solution for scheduling shared space and associated amenities. It gives you control over all details involved in planning, scheduling, and tracking shared space including easily coordinating internal or external service providers who support audio-visual, catering, or other requirements.

Simplify the Entire Reservation Process

ARCHIBUS Reservations provides a wide range of self-service options that simplify and expedite the scheduling of “right-sized” rooms with the appropriate amenities. The application’s Web forms help minimize administrative overhead by letting associates reserve shared space and associated services with confidence —virtually eliminating the likelihood of double-booked space or miscommunication with internal or external service providers.

Coordinate Scheduling Automatically

Coordinating meeting invitations and reminders effectively expresses an organization’s professionalism and respect for its staff ’s time and productivity. Having meetings that solve problems by having the right participants in attendance, on-time, promotes a high-level of collaboration and communication. To that end, ARCHIBUS Reservations offers a range of integration features to simplify scheduling and coordination of meeting participants as well as internal or external service providers who may provide supporting resources.

Optimize Resource Utilization

ARCHIBUS Reservations organizes and streamlines reservations scheduling, tracking, and service provider coordination, to help optimize your organization’s resource utilization. The application’s extensive management reporting enables high-level visibility of the organization’s usage and occupancy rates, which can help support decisions to increase or reallocate space and support resources. The chargeback functionality also helps instill prudent, disciplined use of shared space and resources.


  • Simplifies securing shared space and associated resources with self-service Web forms to avoid double-bookings and facilitate productive meetings
  • Improves organizational productivity by streamlining invitations, scheduling, and reminders to participants via integration with Microsoft Outlook™, Lotus Notes™ and Google Calendars™
  • Organizes and expedites reservations provision, tracking, service provider coordination, and reporting to optimize resource utilization

Activities and Reports


  • Single/Recurring Reservations and Resources
  • Copy, Cancel, Edit Reservations and Resources
  • Auto-Validated and Validated Reservations
  • Room Arrangements
  • Attendee List (external and internal)
  • Service Provider Work Requests
  • Daily Service Provider Task Management
  • Visual Timeline Scheduling Control

Management Reports (Per Day /Month):

  • Number of Room and Resource Reservations
  • Occupancy/Usage
  • Cost by Division/Department
  • Cancelled/Rejected Reservations
  • Room Occupation/Resource Usage
  • Room Capacity/Utilization
  • Chargeback by Division/Department

ARCHIBUS Reservations guides users through the process of reserving a room, adding resources such as catering and teleconferencing, and inviting colleagues and visitors.