Space Planning & Management

Space Planning & Management

Space Chargeback

When department managers are internally billed for their use of space, they are more apt to reduce inefficient space usage. That inefficient use of space, when eliminated across multiple departments, can produce not only significant reductions in the space itself, but also in the associated occupancy costs such as utilities, housekeeping, taxes, and more. Web-based ARCHIBUS Space Chargeback provides tools for setting up, calculating, and reporting on the costs for space. The result is improved space efficiency and reduced occupancy costs throughout the entire organization as well as distributed sharing of space information that supports more informed long-term planning and decision making.

Improve Chargeback Reporting, Accountability

The ARCHIBUS Space Chargeback application supports business unit and department managers who want self-service access to space cost and chargeback reports for their organization. It provides an integrated solution for capturing and analyzing financial information on owned or leased space and for executing and reporting on space chargeback. With this application, managers can be held accountable for their space usage because they are better able to make decisions on space-related initiatives based on their current usage/cost profile.

Assure Accurate Planning and Forecasting

Knowing where your space costs are today is important. Knowing how they might change using various scenarios is central to cost-efficient planning for space acquisitions, divestitures, and consolidations. With online access to chargeback information and reports, ARCHIBUS Space Chargeback provides space, department, or financial managers, with historical data and sophisticated analyses of cost structures for improved accountability and decision support.

Personalize Reporting with Easy-to-Use Features

ARCHIBUS Space Chargeback supports extensive out-of-the-box reporting capabilities. But managers may have their own unique perspectives on their organization and what is or is not important in calculating space usage and chargebacks. That is why Web-based Space Chargeback also has the tools needed to define unique queries and extract data that deliver transformative spatial and financial insights into your current or future space management planning.

Leverage Other Space Management Applications

ARCHIBUS Space Chargeback can be integrated with other ARCHIBUS applications to optimize space-related management and maintenance tasks.


  • Improves accuracy of departmental cost reporting for greater accountability on dedicated and common area space costs
  • Assures more accurate planning based on current space costs and planned future growth projections that improve critical decisions on consolidations, moves, and acquisitions
  • Satisfies flexible reporting needs with easy-to-use Web-based features and forms to modify out-of-the-box reports

Activities and Reports

  • View Detailed Chargeback Analysis
  • View Financial Statement by Division
  • View Prorate Report
  • View Remaining Area
  • Highlight Common Area Rooms/Groups

Space Chargeback lets users visualize space and report on its costs so that departmental managers can be held accountable for the space they occupy.