Real Estate Portfolio Management

Real Estate Portfolio Management

Cost Chargeback & Invoicing

Increasing efficiency and reducing errors in performing chargebacks and executing invoicing/receivables processes is essential for reducing the administrative cost of managing properties. Now both goals can be achieved with the ARCHIBUS Cost Chargeback & Invoicing application. This Web-based solution’s sophisticated Wizards enable lease administrators and portfolio managers to automate all real estate-related accounting functions. The Chargeback Wizard provides users with an intuitive tool for flexible cost allocation to internal cost centers and/or external tenants, while the Invoicing/Receivables Wizard enables accurate, automated billing and payment processes for enhanced account management.

Increase Cost Transparency

Cost Chargeback & Invoicing provides increased transparency into the cost process to improve portfolio decision-making. Managers can easily access consolidated reports on payment status, actual costs, and accounts receivables, with drill-down capabilities to specific invoices. Every authorized function or individual in your organization (or your service provider’s) can look-up required information on invoices and payments and generate the associated reports.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Eliminating time-consuming manual processes for calculating costs (scheduled, recurring and actual) and invoicing is an imperative as organizations attempt to control costs and improve service. Real estate managers and lease administrators who can automate these accounting processes not only improve operational efficiency, they also raise their own profiles as strategic contributors within their organizations. Cost Chargeback & Invoicing provides proactive professionals with systemic intelligence and the tools needed to save time and reduce administrative expense through the automation of time-consuming chargeback and invoicing processes.

Decrease Chargeback and Invoicing Errors

Chargeback and invoicing mistakes are inevitable in manual systems. They are also highly preventable by using applications that automate and streamline those processes. Cost Chargeback & Invoicing offers a combination of capabilities that let users avoid accounting oversights before they impact efficiency and cash flows. The application provides a full range of safeguards to reduce human error, and the wasted time needed to correct it, so organizations can concentrate on more productive measures that aid in tracking and managing occupancy costs.

Streamline Processes with Powerful Wizards

The sophisticated automation capabilities of Cost Chargeback & Invoicing are made possible by a pair of powerful Wizards that help streamline, monitor, and manage chargeback and invoicing processes. The rules-driven Chargeback Wizard and Invoicing/Receivables Wizard provide the multi-step processing capabilities needed for selecting, identifying, and approving costs and associated billing/payment activities.


  • Increases transparency of costs to improve real estate portfolio decision-making
  • Improves operational efficiency through simplified chargeback / invoice / payment processing
  • Decreases administrative errors with automated chargeback calculations and invoice / payment monitoring
  • Streamlines chargeback and invoicing processes through intuitive Wizard-based interfaces

Activities and Reports

  • View Invoice Details
  • View Accounts Receivable
  • View Invoices by Lease/Building/Property/Account
  • View Prepayments
  • View Lease Chargeback Agreements
  • View Actual Costs by Lease/Building/Property/Account /Department

View details for any invoice in one location that includes due dates, terms, contacts, associated costs, payments, and more.