Move Management

Move Management

Move Management

From simple, single-person moves to multi-phased moves integrated with construction, ARCHIBUS Move Management streamlines the move/add/change process to ensure successful relocations with minimal organizational disruption. The application reduces the complexity, risk, time, cost, and downtime associated with moves by organizing all move orders and associated information into a central repository. With easy Web access to views displaying tasks, status changes, and milestones, move project participants can collaborate effectively to reduce duplicate effort and minimize move costs.

Cost-Effectively Streamline Moves

ARCHIBUS Move Management enables immediate deployment of processes for new hires/departures, existing occupant moves, reconfigurations, and asset moves. Manage group moves and associated tasks with one Web-based system. By defining standard workflows, procedures, and questionnaires for your moves/adds/ changes, you can lay the groundwork for consistent, timely, and on-budget move projects.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Errors and omissions in even small-scale move projects can cause reduced productivity and expensive downtime. Move Management enables a responsive and flexible approach to meeting both organizational goals and minimizing disruption to relocated occupants. Automated notifications and reminders enable faster response times and more vendor control to improve move project success.

Enhance Organization-Wide Communication

This Web-based application increases the coordination of your staff , and lets you manage moves at both the macro and micro level from a central location. Its workflow technology helps organize move orders and related action items. Automated workflow rules ensure employees receive email notification so the move can efficiently progress to the next phase. Also, integration with the ARCHIBUS Project Management application lets you synchronize construction and project work.

Generate Move Analytics & Trial Layouts

With an accurate record of all tasks, costs, and personnel required to successfully complete a move, you can benchmark performance and revise the process, as needed, to support continuous improvement. In addition, use the AutoCAD trial drawing feature to visually compare various occupant layouts.

Integrate Move Information with Other Systems

Share information generated in Move Management with other functions and systems, reducing redundant data entry and ensuring an accurate data source across departments or divisions. Plus, apply ARCHIBUS Project Management’s functionality to your move tasks to keep them aligned with other organizational projects.


  • Streamlines the entire move process, including requests, approvals, updates, and related action items to reduce overall costs and optimize churn rates
  • Increases customer satisfaction by reducing downtime and minimizing move errors
  • Improves communication, coordination, and collaboration between in-house and external resources with rules-based workflow processes
  • Generates trial layouts, move analytics, and intelligent dashboards which help enable continuous process improvement
  • Integrates rapidly with existing Human Resources and Financial systems enabling the timely distribution of updated personnel and cost center information

Activities and Reports

  • Request Employee Move
  • Edit My Moves
  • Examine My Moves
  • Request a Group Move
  • Review and Estimate Moves
  • Route Moves for Approval
  • Examine Group Move Spreadsheet
  • Churn Rate Report
  • Churn Rate by Department Chart
  • Issue Moves
  • Approve Moves
  • Complete Moves
  • Define Move Questionnaires

Manage all the move information—occupant moves, new hires, equipment moves, and all related craftsperson actions—using one integrated form.