Environmental & Risk Management

Environmental & Risk Management

Waste Management

Managing waste streams, particularly hazardous waste, is often fraught with risk and possible negative outcomes, if handled poorly. Organizations need not only to cope with the often burdensome regulatory paperwork, but also to avoid the risk of errors, omissions, and accidents that can lead to injuries, penalties and/or potential litigation. Web-based ARCHIBUS Waste Management provides a streamlined and integrated approach to tracking, managing, and reducing both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. It helps smoothly process the information flow, starting from the point of generation, through accumulation, storage, shipment or emission, and final disposition. And it provides defensible information to assess the effectiveness of waste reduction and recycling programs that, in turn, help reduce carbon footprint and increase LEED(TM) or other sustainability scores.

Simplify Waste Tracking and Management

ARCHIBUS Waste Management consolidates all waste information, regardless of the waste profile or type, and allows management and reporting on that information through user-defined, searchable data and a comprehensive set of reports and charts on waste type, source, volume, vendor certification, storage location/capacity, recycling program effectiveness, and much more. The application helps address these typical concerns: How much of a specific waste profile has been generated and by whom? Which vendors are certified to transport our waste? Has any site exceeded its waste storage limits or thresholds? How effective are our recycling programs?

Decrease Risk of Fines and Litigation

Not following approved hazardous waste storage and disposal procedures is a daily threat to an organization’s workers, operations and profitability. Audits and inspections are common and have immediate consequences. For example in the US, a single improper manifest for a cytotoxic waste shipment carries a fine of approximately $20,000. Also hazardous waste that accumulates in a chemical storage locker for one day beyond its 90 day limit might result in a $8,000 fine for a single incident. The ARCHIBUS Waste Management application helps organizations ensure full compliance with voluminous and exacting regulations.

Increase Visibility for Waste Reduction / Recycling

Increasingly, many top executives with fiduciary responsibility are trying to address the growing concern about environmental sustainability and stewardship among varied stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees, and non-governmental organizations. ARCHIBUS Waste Management not only helps reduce both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, but it also provides the analytic framework to measure improved sustainability efforts and the metrics to justify claims.

Reduce the Cost of Audits and Reporting

ARCHIBUS Waste Management helps save time and money in collecting the data and producing the required documentation to effectively manage waste streams. It expedites the production of required shipping labels, manifests, and official reporting documents. The application helps increase productivity while minimizing clerical errors by allowing users to enter data once and re-use it without further data entry. Ensure accurate record-keeping and compliance with regulations around timing, quantity, and transfer of responsibility with Waste Management.


  • Simplifies the process for tracking and managing hazardous waste streams to sustain a safe working environment
  • Decreases the risk of fines or litigation surrounding hazardous waste storage and disposal procedures
  • Increases the visibility and improves accountability for waste reduction or recycling initiatives to help reduce carbon footprint and improve LEED or other sustainability scores
  • Reduces the cost and effort of satisfying waste audit and reporting requirements

Activities and Reports

  • Waste Summary
  • Waste Totals by Category and Handler
  • Waste Amounts by Category
  • Waste Amounts in Date Range
  • Waste Manifests
  • Waste Profiles by Regulated Code
  • Waste Profiles by Category
  • Waste Shipment Finder
  • Recently Shipped / Discharged Waste
  • Waste Discharges
  • Waste Shipments
  • Hazardous Waste Storage
  • Waste Storage Summary
  • Waste Accumulation Summary
  • Waste Management Map

ARCHIBUS Waste Management provides defensible information to assess the effectiveness of waste reduction and recycling programs in addition to tracking and managing hazardous waste.