Asset Management

Asset Management

Telecommunications & Cable Management

With the rapid pace of technological change and adoption, it is critical that updates to your network are accurately reflected to facilitate planning, improve inventory control, and enhance network up-time. With the ARCHIBUS Telecommunications & Cable Management application, you can manage the network’s system capacity information, the location of system connections, maintenance histories, upgrades, and much more. This indispensable solution does everything from simplifying trouble-shooting to eliminating communication discontinuities during the move/add/change process so you gain more control over your network instead of letting it control you.

Plan for Network Growth

Accurately documenting your existing conditions allows for the planned growth of your data and telecommunications network. You can begin developing a dynamic inventory immediately. Dramatically reduce the documentation effort by recording multiple connections in a single action. You can also easily record data and voice communications paths. Track logical systems to help troubleshoot equipment and connections, leading to timelier problem resolution and better overall customer service.

Extend Equipment Lifecycles

Staying current with technology means that even recently-purchased data and telecommunications devices can quickly become obsolete. By tracking all your hardware and software assets, you instantly know what your organization currently owns, who uses what, and for what purposes. When your organization upgrades its equipment, surplus devices can be easily and immediately redeployed to another area of the organization that can benefit from the technology.

Coordinate Among Departments

Coordinate efforts among responsible departments such as Information Technology, Facilities Management, and Human Resources to ensure that new and relocating employees get network access in a timely fashion. Once the major elements, such as work area equipment, are entered into the system, you can use the application’s move order and help desk features. For example, the Facilities department can communicate its plans for moves, changes, and additions to staff and equipment to the IT department, which can then identify and assign open jacks and terminal connections. Work requests for each new connection can be automatically charged to the appropriate cost center.

Manage Telecom Data via Web

Your IT staff can document the telecom inventory using the Windows environment and CAD drawings. Depending on the level of detail required by your organization, you can document items only or include connection data so that the complete communication path can be traced. Once this data is developed, users with authorized access can look up telecom information over the Web.

Complete the Picture

Use the Telecommunications & Cable Management application in conjunction with other ARCHIBUS applications to enhance its capabilities.


  • Shortens the planning process by maintaining a well-documented physical network and simplifies trouble-shooting tasks
  • Extends the lifecycles of telecommunications and data assets by facilitating reassignment of surplus items
  • Coordinates information and resources among responsible departments to ensure employees get network access quickly
  • Manages telecom inventory from the Web or intranet to facilitate organizational efficiency

Activities and Reports

  • Telecom Asset Console
  • Work Area Equipment by Room
  • Data Equipment and Peripherals
  • Jacks by Room
  • Network Devices and Ports
  • Software by Standards
  • View Jacks with Multiple Extensions
  • Employee Telecom Directory
  • Show Equipment Served by Network Device
  • Employees by Net Segment
  • Faceplates and Jacks
  • Create Telecom Work Requests
  • Quick Trace
  • All Telecom Areas Survey

The Telecommunications & Cable Management application enables you to connect devices and view the trace graphically.