Asset Management

Asset Management

Furniture & Equipment Management

Effectively managing physical assets, such as furniture and equipment, is vital to maintaining the financial health of an organization. Yet trying to track the changeover of assets and staff while keeping an eye on costs can often seem overwhelming. The ARCHIBUS Furniture & Equipment Management application is an AutoCAD®-based solution that helps you manage those assets cost-effectively and design more productive work environments. This application also helps minimize costs and maximize productivity in the planning and execution of individual or small group moves, adds, and changes. Organizations encountering large group moves or complex move/add/change processes can also implement the Web-based ARCHIBUS Move Management application.

Manage Asset Inventory and Usage

Knowing how furniture and equipment is currently being used enables you to better allocate resources and proactively manage asset churn. Yet gathering asset inventory information can be tedious and time-consuming. Speed the process with built-in survey forms and bar-coding capabilities. Quickly compare actual asset location to the current location as listed in your ARCHIBUS database to correct discrepancies. Upload new field survey data to the database to maintain an accurate inventory count and valuation.

Redeploy versus Write-off

Easily create budgets for individual projects, cost centers, or the entire organization. You can also make better decisions about expenditures and continuously track asset depreciation and value to help you decide whether to repair, replace or redeploy equipment. Easily evaluate “buy versus lease” alternatives to determine the most cost-effective option for your needs.

Visualize Efficient Layouts

By rearranging layouts of your AutoCAD® floor plans, you can compare move requirements for various layouts to determine the most effective option. Because your furniture and equipment information is connected to your drawings, new layouts are instantly updated in the database to reflect accurate floor plans.

Make Smooth Moves, Adds, and Changes

Efficiently execute simple relocation plans with minimal disruption and help consolidate expensive ad hoc moves. Create move orders with detailed instructions, generated from trial layouts to distribute to move personnel.

Strategize and Plan

You can determine furniture and equipment budgets by using the application’s depreciation and churn reports to first assess the assets that need to be replaced. Next, determine new assets you will require given the organization’s average growth rate. Use the purchase cost data of the Equipment Standards and Furniture Standards tables to determine the cost of replacing and adding the required items to your inventory.


  • Manages asset ownership and usage to increase organizational accountability and reduce costs
  • Reduces the need for write-offs by tracking the location and depreciation of assets
  • Facilitates trial layouts for analyzing various move options before executing them
  • Executes simple moves, adds, and changes to maximize/minimize disruption and sustain productivity
  • Analyzes the financial impact of furniture and equipment inventories

Activities and Reports

  • Furniture Standards Book
  • Equipment Standards Book
  • Room Standards and Furniture Book
  • Tagged Furniture Layout Report
  • Tagged Furniture Counts by Standard by Department
  • Equipment Layout Report
  • Equipment Inventory by Equipment Standard
  • Equipment Inventory Counts by Standard by Department
  • Equipment Disposition History
  • Furniture Standards Inventory Count by Standards by Department
  • Employee Move Order
  • Create Move Orders From Trial Layouts
  • Churn Statistics From Move Orders

Track nomenclature and value of your assets and equipment using bar code tags and mobile devices.