Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Portal

Increasing asset utilization and optimizing acquisition and/or disposition practices are essential to increasing organizational efficiency and achieving superior financial results. ARCHIBUS Asset Portal provides the means to improve data accuracy of the asset registry, increase asset utilization, and optimize asset acquisition and disposal decisions within an overall capital plan. Asset Portal’s capabilities go beyond a merely financial focus and can also trace assets to the entity that is responsible for the asset, the cost center or department that depends on the asset, and/or the physical location where the asset resides. This helps increase organizational accountability and facilitate asset redeployment, when appropriate.

Improve Utilization Rates, Reduce Expenditures

Professionals managing fixed assets often must answer questions about their necessity, location, use, condition and more. Among the most challenging questions is how does the total operating and capital funds spent on fixed assets fit into the larger budget and capital plan – and are these costs justified? The ARCHIBUS Asset Portal application lets you answer these questions with confidence – and reduce capital expenses by as much as 10% — by providing expanded visibility into, and analysis of, the organization’s fixed asset base.

Track and Manage Asset Ownership

Continuous feedback from on-going facilities-related activities increases the accuracy of the asset data repository. ARCHIBUS Asset Portal improves accountability and decision-making at all levels by collecting key asset data and identifying personnel who are directly accountable for those assets, as well as the lines of business that the assets support. Ultimately, this accountability will drive improved asset optimization that supports the organizational mission at the lowest cost.

Comply with Accounting / Regulatory Requirements

Because of the sheer number of assets owned by organizations, accurately tracking them all to comply with accounting and regulatory requirements is an ongoing challenge. ARCHIBUS Asset Portal’s ability to consolidate and share asset information, provides the tools needed for proactive asset management.

Integrate Asset Planning with Operations

ARCHIBUS Asset Portal provides the basis for cohesive capital appropriation planning, budgeting, and approval processes. Its Web-based interface offers a simplified way to collaborate across the organization to link and coordinate centralized planning responsibilities.

Support Network Infrastructure

Asset Portal gives organizations a detailed, accessible, and up-to-date view of physical network assets, which provides users with the tools for effective network planning and customer support.


  • Delivers improved furniture and equipment utilization rates, which can reduce capital expenditures by as much as 10% annually
  • Tracks and manages asset ownership and usage to increase organizational accountability and promote redeployment opportunities
  • Ensures compliance with financial accounting requirements and/or regulatory mandates
  • Establishes a coherent process for integrating asset planning, acquisition, tracking, disposal and investment recovery
  • Maintains an accurate inventory of network infrastructure to facilitate improved planning and a high level of internal customer support

Activities and Reports

  • Property Types
  • Depreciation Logs
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • General Ledger Journal Entries
  • Integrated Telecom Asset Console
  • Equipment Plan
  • Equipment by Department/Room
  • Equipment by Warranties
  • Equipment by Insurance Policies
  • Furniture Plan
  • Furniture by Department
  • Furniture Counts by Standard / Building / Floor / Room / Department
  • Jack Plan
  • Jacks by Room

Asset Portal establishes such important metrics as cost-versus-use analyses to aid in justifying asset investments.