About us

The company Arctis d.o.o. offers consulting services in business interior design, as well as active managing a project performance, from space reconstruction to moving all resources of an organization. Our experienced team of civil engineering and architectural professions has got a couple of successful projects at this field of business. Additionaly, we provide facility management services, and offer a software solution ARCHIBUS as a complete tool for infrastructure and asset management.

We are authorized ARCHIBUS business partner for the territories of the former country in the region. We have been assigned with status of ARCHIBUS application specialist and sub-reseller of ARCHIBUS products, which implies provision of ARCHIBUS-related services to end users. The services we provide are the following: implementation of ARCHIBUS solutions, user customization, maintenance and technical support, integration with related systems, and development and expanding the ARCHIBUS system with new applications. According to hierarchical structure, our company is under competence of ARCHIBUS Solution Center Romania (ASC-RO), whereby we can also offer official ARCHIBUS software products.


Arctis d.o.o.

Pavlinoviceva 6
10000 Zagreb

+385 (0)1 37 60 480
+385 (0)1 37 60 480
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